Socks with a touch of gold

Socklab’s socks are designed to be seen. With the wide range of colours and designs available, you can choose a sporty, playful or casual look. Whichever you go for, putting on a pair of our socks will take you one step closer to a sustainable world. That’s why we are very proud that our socks have been awarded the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ GOLD standard. What does that mean exactly? Find out more below…

Cradle to Cradle describes a circular system in which materials and nutrients are reused endlessly. Cradle to Cradle is a concept that sees waste as a resource. This means that it must be possible to reuse every raw material used to make a product. The principle is that the raw material must not lose any of its value when it is reused.

All Cradle to Cradle products from Socklab are designed with materials that can be endlessly reused or broken down harmlessly. The aim is for the products to be designed in such a way that no waste is created. If waste is created, this must be used as a resource to create a new product.

The materials used are healthy, reusable and produced using renewable energy. Choosing socks from Socklab means choosing to put people and the planet first.


We see waste as a resource and we take our inspiration from the natural world. At the end of their lifecycle, all products return to the production, consumption and regeneration cycle.

Cradle to Cradle uses renewable energy, protects the ecosystem and makes efficient use of natural resources.

Biological cycle

Socklab only uses materials that are certified as organic. These are composted and can be used to produce biogas. After combustion, the ash can even be used as a fertiliser.

Technical cycle

The chemicals used are safe for those who make the socks and those who wear them. They are also suitable for a circular process.

Easy to recycle; a good feeling!

Raw materials and the environment

Socklab’s socks are known for their high quality and long lifespan. Socklab works with its suppliers to ensure clean production processes and reuse. We consider every step, from beginning to end. The materials used are developed and produced using EPEA*-approved production processes.

* Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency: the centre that tests and certifies Cradle to Cradle production processes. Founded by Michael Braungart, one of the developers of the Cradle to Cradle concept.

Cradle to Cradle by Socklab

Socklab creates products that are based on the Cradle to Cradle principle, from the initial idea all the way to use. We set the bar high when it comes to sustainable products and processes. Only the highest standards of sustainability are good enough. That’s why we only work with suppliers who also hold a Cradle to Cradle GOLD certificate.

Testing process

The Cradle to Cradle testing process covers materials, reuse of materials, energy, water and social responsibility.


The raw materials for Socklab’s Cradle to Cradle socks are chosen based on strict ecological requirements. The quality of the raw materials, textiles, energy sources and production processes remains constant and is certified by EPEA.


All materials are tested to verify their origins and composition. Each new batch is tested once more before spinning begins. At this point we check that there are no insecticide residues present.

Energy and water

We keep the amount of water and energy used during spinning, dyeing, weaving and finishing to a minimum. We use 50% renewable energy!


Only 16 out of 1600 possible types of dye meet Socklab’s strict requirements. The dyeing process consumes the most energy. We carry out this process using 90% renewable energy!

At the end of the testing process, our socks are awarded the Cradle to Cradle certificate. The golden finishing touch!