Socklab is helping to build a responsible and sustainable world

Socks... we all wear them! We often don’t stop to think about the negative impact that these little pieces of material have on our ecological system though. A huge amount of water and energy is wasted during the production process, while people also work in appalling conditions. All to produce a sock that’s far from sustainable. There is another way!

Socklab’s nine sustainability goals

Socklab’s socks are produced at factories owned by our parent company, Interloop. We make a valuable contribution to the world around us during the production process, thanks to our nine sustainability goals. We prioritise the well-being of people and the planet but we believe that factors such as growth and equality are important too.

People, Planet & Prosperity

From the design to the crop to the sock itself, we work hard to achieve our goals, which are focused on People, Planet & Prosperity. That means we work to produce innovative socks that make the wearer’s life that little bit better. That’s not all though; these socks also contribute to protecting the planet and ensuring the well-being of the people who helped to produce them.

Socklab: innovation, research and development

We are Socklab. We think we can make the socks we wear better. Not just better quality, but better for people, animals and the environment too. We believe in innovation, research and development. We develop products that are sustainable, from the initial concept right through to use. We use organic cotton, and recyclable and biodegradable materials and yarns. Our sustainable production methods have earned us a Cradle to Cradle certificate.